X Emergency Services Professional Network – Transferable Skills

In this next instalment of the X-ES Professional Network, hear from invited special guests on the topic of transferable skills, and find out what employers are really looking for when hiring from the emergency services community.

Learn which skills you have gained from your time serving, that employers find most valuable and desirable, and learn how to harness these as you look to progress into your next career move.

You will also have an opportunity to exchange stories and insights from fellow emergency services personnel and their families, as you grow your network and resources for the next phase of your life.


Guest Speakers

The event will be hosted by X-ES Director, Martin Wing.

We are delighted to have representatives from Amazon join this networking event, to talk all things transition and transferable skills. Hear from former Police Officers, now in new roles with Amazon, as they discuss their transition journeys and the transferable skills they brought into their next career move.

    • Gaynor Coulson, Former Met Police Superintendent, now General Manager at Amazon
    • Emma Morgan, Program Manager, Amazon
    • Eloise Cheales, Military Operations Recruiter at Amazon.

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