Police Staffer Promotes a Healthy Body and Mind

After 15 years in Police Staffing, Nicola Jane from Cheshire had reached cross-roads in her professional life – either re-apply for her role, or start a fresh in a new career move. Nicola chose to create her own future. With support from her husband and her family, she focussed on building her own business Reflexology by Nicola Jane.


Healthy Body and Mind - Nicola Jane


Nicola knew it would be difficult to start her own business. Her biggest challenge has been time “There simply was never enough hours in the day! Initially as the business was growing, I was in charge of everything – from getting in new business, treating clients, writing treatment plans, social media, accounts, cleaning clinic to project managing the build. In the long run, I knew the hard work would be worth it. I have the skills, the passion, the drive and the ability to succeed”.


Nicola is a Clinical Reflexologist, specialising in supporting clients through infertility, pain and Lymphatic Drainage. Her work extends beyond just treating the physical side as she empowers clients to take control of their health and well being.


Healthy Body and Mind

Nicola’s business took off and her clientele started to grow quickly. She soon needed to expand the clinic. It was at this time that she approached X-Forces to help her with business development and funding.

“XF supported me on development days, business guidance and advice. With their help, I also successfully applied for a small business loan, which helped me build further treatment rooms. I now sublet the treatment rooms and this provides me with an extra income. In addition, I also have a monthly liaison where I can put forward any questions, ask for guidance and advice…and I have a business mentor – who is amazing! He keeps me business-focused and is working with me to help grow my business further. XF’s support throughout my journey has been awesome.”

Nicola sums up her experiences as she offers insights to the military community that may be thinking of starting their entrepreneurial journey: “Become a sponge – listen to everyone, take every opportunity and live your dream”.

For more information please visit:

Website: reflexologybynicolajane.co.uk

Facebook: @reflexologybynj
Twitter: @reflexologybynj

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